Session one notes: andy stanley

Session 1
Andy stanley

Talking about you role with power.
John 13

Trends are moving away from sole sources of power and groups of power towards a distrust of power.

The problem is that as leaders you have power. The question is how do I manage that power.

You have no idea how God wants to use you. Your attitude towards power may be the thing that is holding you back. Make sure in your biases towards power don’t discredit what god wants to do.

Today we are discussing… What happens when god has made you the most powerful person in the room?

What are you going to with this power?

John 13…

How you respond determines who you will be. This helps establish who you are.

-Jesus removed his outer clothing…
-he washed his disciples feet

In peters objection we see that peter realized Jesuss power. Are you kidding me? Thought peter.

Has anyone who follows you been wowed by your humility?

Jesus replied to Peter that his act of humility didn’t lessen his power but gave them the example of what a leader ought to do.

No servant is greater than his messenger.

You will be blessed if you leverage your power for the sake of the other people.

The disciples got this. They got it big time!

When you are the most pwerful person, leverage it to glorify our Master.

When was the last time you or your ministry was criticized for being..
Too humble
Too charitable
Too useful to your community

In the moment when we are told we are powerful… How do we reflect that that we are here to serve our master?

The greatest demonstration of power of this andy can think of comes from george washington.

His reputation was to deflect his power to the principle of servant leadership. King george 3 said that gw walking away from power made him the most powerful leader in the world because he was able and eager to relinquish power.

To exerciE power for your own strength is a sign of weakness and not power.

Mark 10:25.. For even the son of man did not come to be served but to come and serve.






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