NYWC- Final thoughts

Pretty soon I’ll be packing up the rental car and heading back home. It’s been a wild ride and I have a lot of mixed emotions. My biggest emotion right now is that I’m exhausted.

I feel like I went as "all in" as I could here. In time, in preparation, and in other ways. I think that coming here, vending here, hanging with my crew from YMX, and meeting thousands of folks who have a heart for people in student ministry was all "right" for where I am right now.

I’m happy for YMX. This was a big weekend for us and it went pretty well. It exposed some things that we need to work on, but it was an amazing step forward as we ventured out of purely word of mouth land and into real exposure land.

Here’s a few nuggets of things I’ve learned/thinking about:

  • We’re a niche thing. I had a conversation with someone last night about how our community doesn’t appeal to everyone. That’s true by design and I’m comfortable with it. An online community isn’t going to appeal to people who are looking for quick fixes and isn’t going to appeal to people who don’t feel like they need a community. YMX does appeal to thousands of people! That’s the nature of being a niche. If we appealed to the masses we wouldn’t be who we are. Online communities aren’t a thing of the past, they are just now emerging.
  • It’s a different ballgame to vend at YS. As I look back on the last few days, my time wasn’t my own. As much as I love the break out sessions… as a vendor it just wasn’t possible for me to go to a single break out session. I even intended on going to church yesterday. But the schedule for the booth made that impossible even when I kept saying it was going to happen. I was happy to make it to a few general sessions!
  • I have a lot more networking to do. I can’t believe my time here is up. There are so many more people I didn’t get to meet that I wanted to meet. I know this is our first year, but still.
  • My team rocked! Patti, Todd, and Amy worked their butts off. I wish we one of these big companies that could properly thank the team… but they worked hard and sacrificed much to get here to tell people about a community that they are passionate about. I have nothing but respect for the work they did this weekend. For all of us, it was like the first day of classes.
  • As Patti wrote about last night, we have a lot of questions to answer about Derek. If anyone has any questions about what Patti wrote, please contact me. It’s sad to know that people won’t even talk to me about it as they think I did something wrong.
  • The YS team did an amazing job. I think they make it look too easy. I know they’ve done it for a long time so some things "just happen." Yet anyone who knows anything about how this thing happens knows that YS is king of pulling it off. To quote Tic (YS events dude) "awesome job."
  • I am so much more than just "the ymx guy." If there was one thing that I struggled with while here… it’s that having the exhibitor label on my nametag branded me as not being a real youth pastor. I think a lot of people assume that my main deal is the site. It isn’t. My heart burns for the students of Romeo. While this was something I needed to do, my mind is thinking of how we need to move forward to reach the dead and dying students of my town.






6 responses to “NYWC- Final thoughts”

  1. Derek Avatar

    Weren’t you the one who told me to “leave YMX alone”? That’s not reciprocal?

    You guys know how to reach me. You can feel free to talk TO me rather than ABOUT me. That goes for everyone at YMX. What was said in the heat of the moment is one thing. It’s been months since now.

  2. josh Avatar

    adam, it was cool meeting you and hanging out at the web 2.0 breakout. i hated cutting out, but it sounds like everything went well.

    have you guys ever considered doing a YMX podcast? i think that would be potentially very cool, and something i’d be willing to help with.

  3. Len Avatar

    Good thoughts Adam. Had much fun getting to know you and looking forward to our friendship growing. Finally about to board the plane out of ATLANTA!!! arrgghhh. 🙂

  4. Cathy Avatar

    So…what was the official count at the late night session? 16? 😉

  5. adam Avatar

    Cathy, I wasn’t counting. (How unbaptist of me!) But I think there were about 20ish or so. There was a very similar discussion with a much more popular/well known speaker at the same time… he had 100 I had 20. Oh well, we weren’t competing and his topic was very valuable as well.

  6. adam Avatar

    Derek, the point of both Patti’s post and my reference wasn’t to you. (We have your number… I think we all know where one another stands) It was ABOUT you because many, many people asked us about it. There was simply a lot of misinformation from a lot of sources out there and it was good for us to let people know how it all happened.

    You obviously have the info… but others don’t and need to know I didn’t do anything wrong.

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