Pray for Paul & Becky

HedgepathsI received the following prayer requests from some friends of ours, Paul & Becky Hedgepath. We got to know Paul & Becky while we were attending Calvary Memorial and Moody back a few years ago. Currently, they are living in a "way out there" place deep in Russia as church planters. I don’t hear from them very often, but when I do I make sure I read it because their work is both very difficult and very remarkable.

So, please read the following and consider praying for them. Who knows… maybe a reader here can help them?

Since we first came to Russia in January of 2002 we have always known the window
of opportunity to live here could close at any time. In the last week new laws
have been adopted in Russia which seem to be minimizing the opportunity
for foreigners to come and live here on a permanent basis. It is very possible
that we will have to leave Russia within 90 days.

Living in Russia has always been interesting.
Things change often and with little warning, which in one sense makes life
interesting, but on the other hand can drive us nuts because we never know what
to expect. We have come to take life one week at a time, even one day at a time.
However, this time, the uncertainty of how long we can live here, or can we come
back, is really intense. We are not sure what will happen or what we are to do

According to the latest news (or rumors,
not quite sure which), we have to leave Russia by Jan 14, 2008 (the week before
Becky’s due date), and stay out for 3 months before attempting to return. After
that we could return for 3 months at a time, as long as we stay out for 3 months
each time. Some of the questions swirling around in our heads are:

    1. Is this news for real or is it just a rumor
that will blow over? Pray that God reveals to us the truth of the situation.
    2. If we indeed need to leave the country mid
January, pray with us about where to have the baby.
    3. If we indeed cannot come back for 3 months,
pray with us about what to do next.
We are trusting the Lord in all of this, and
seeking to live out whatever time we have left here in Russia well, making the
most of every opportunity to live for the Lord and share our faith with
people. Our lives are filled with uncertainty, as laws seem t
o change on a daily basis and the situation seems bleak. We
are grateful that our lives in God’s hands.

Thank you for your prayers. Feel free to share
your comments or further questions!
    Paul & Becky






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