The Ministry Dip: Guest Blogger Series

dip_hqHave you ever wondered why people quit ministry? Have you ever wondered why you haven’t quit yet? Have you ever been in the middle of a very important ministry project, one that you felt would make you or break you, and it broke you?

If you have felt this way, than this series is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a youth ministry volunteer, a nursery worker, a church staff member, or even the Senior Pastor, we all experience the same struggle and ask ourselves the same question: Is this worth it?

The Dip Principle: Recently I read Seth Godin’s book, “The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit,” and I was totally energized. Here’s a quick summary.

When you start something new you are full of energy and ideas and the people around you are cheering you on… so a new task seems easy and is full of rewards. Then you hit The Dip.

The Dip is the long hill you must climb to become really
good at your new task. The difference between being “just OK” at
something and being extraordinary at it is mastering this “new thing”
better than anyone else you know. Whether you want to have the best
Children’s Program in the world or be the best youth ministry speaker
in your city, you have a hill to climb! The sad thing is that initial
successes (in whatever you are doing) can actually give you a false
sense of ease… and when the going gets tough, most people give up on
being the best and settle for just being adequate. But you can overcome
The Dip and be the best. But it’s going to take more than just more
hard work. To become the best, you may have to redefine what you can be
the best at or you may need to quit other things you are currently
doing to focus all your energy on the new thing that you will be the
best at.
Read more about The Dip

The series goal:
When it comes to people dropping out of volunteer and paid ministry at
their church… I’m fed up! I’m sick of people getting burned by their jobs and/or
burned out of ministry altogether. But more than just ranting about it I want to help God’s
people see that they can succeed.
So, I’ve asked a series of people who
I judge to be successful in ministry to tell us their “Dip Story.” Some
bloggers will tell you what they had to give up to become really good
at one thing. Others will tell you how they determined what God wanted
them to be great at. Others will tell you how The Dip destroyed them.
But their singular goal is to encourage those in the middle of The Dip.
We don’t want you to give up! The message of Jesus Christ, the redemption of lost people, and the mission of Christ’s Church, is too important.

Dip Story Bloggers: (emerging list, check back!)

Bobby WIlliams

Chris Day
Gerrard Fess
Jason Aten
Len Evans
Mary Beth McCandless

Tim Schmoyer
Adam McLane

More bloggers wanted!
If you are in ministry, volunteer, full-time, or part-time and are inspired to write your Dip Story… email it to

Sponsored by: Raising Lazarus: A Fund for Hurting Youth Workers.

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