Youth Workers Gone Wild

HT to Amy (the “oh” by me is the unfortunate sound I made when I hit George from Lost and Found in the forehead with a finger rocket.)





4 responses to “Youth Workers Gone Wild”

  1. adam mclane Avatar
    adam mclane

    I think it’s cool that the video makes it look like Chris started the whole thing!

  2. Dale Avatar

    Great video! I would have loved to be in the middle of that! Patti looked a little freaked out! Glad you guys had fun!

  3. adam mclane Avatar

    I had fun. There is really not much to compare it to. There were thousands of people shooting them and they were flying in big waves all over. Good times.

  4. Amy Avatar

    Adam, that was you shooting the first dart, not Chris. You looked like you started the whole thing! How cool is that? No one actually sees your face, but we hear your voice. It’s very eerie 🙂

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