2008 Buzz Words to Watch

2008 Buzz WordsLet’s review the buzz words of 2007, then I’ll provide 5 buzz words to look out for in 2008. (Weighted towards internet stuff)

Web 2.0, Digg.com, social networking, twitter/tweet, viral marketing, Mac, offline relationship, Facebook, search engine optimization, widgets, add value, and text lingo.

  1. Micro– Social networks, blog networks, online advertising, and a whole lot more are going to be gearing more and more to tiny, micro sized everything geared at your interest. You’ll see online marketing getting extremely exact and precise determined by your marketing niche. Macro-stuff like Digg.com will give way to micro-stuff like Mixx.com.
  2. Video– 2007 saw a huge uptick in video content on the web as broadband internet connections become as normal as dial-up used to be. In 2008 and beyond you will see more video podcasting and a lot more “little videos” that explain how to do just about everything. Watch as micro-producers get better and better and watch out for websites popping up that are going to make creating broadcast quality videos accessible to all. YouTube will still be hot. But watch for a video production site to pop-up.
  3. Mobile apps– Smartphones and the next generation of iPhone will bring power to the mobile phone as their prices get cheaper. Broadband for mobile! Any website worth its server space will offer a mobile app to your micro-network and video content.
  4. Campaign fatigue– It’s December 31st, 2007. With 300+ days until the election people are tired of the election coverage. Expect to hear about campaign fatigue negatively impacting voters attitudes late Spring.

What do you think buzz words will be in 2008? What about words for 2007, what did I miss?






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