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lost luggageAccording to a recent Fox news story, the TSA knows that $31 million in items have been stolen from bags since the agency took over airport security. To highlight, here is how it goes down most often.

  1. The most dangerous time for your luggage is the time between your initial check-in and departure.
  2. Typically, just one person works in the baggage holding area sorting luggage onto various carts, creating the perfect opportunity.
  3. Since luggage isn’t locked, that person can take items like expensive shoes, perfumes, and cameras easily.
  4. To distract from the crime, that person can then misdirect your luggage to another airport to cast the blame on numerous other people if it is reported.

TSA JacketThree tips for keeping your valuables safe while you fly.

  1. Carry valuables in carry-on.
  2. If you must check valuables, the article suggests not having brand new or matching luggage as that is a clue to them that your bags are valuable.
  3. Put a TSA approved lock on your bags. This won’t prevent crime completely but it may encourage a would-be thief to go after an easier target.

Top 5 TSA Approved Luggage Locks

  1. TSA Approved Lock with Search Indicator by Travelaccessory. This has an indicator light to tell you if you bag has been searched. If it is red and you didn’t get a TSA notice, you know your bag has been tampered with.
  2. TSA Approved Set of 4 Brass Luggage Locks by Master Lock. This is perfect for a family. Not only are the locks high quality brass, with a single key unlocking and getting unpacked couldn’t be easier.
  3. TSA Pelilock – 1506 by Pelican. This combination-style lock is simple and does the job perfectly every time.
  4. TSA Accepted Cable Lock in Multiple Colors by Master Lock. For those with luggage that locks better with the cable style latch, this is excellent. With 5 different colors to chose from, might as well accessorize.
  5. Strapsafe by PacSafe. If you’ve got big luggage and need to lock it down with straps this is the best. With straps extending to 74 inches, this should do it for anyone.

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