I Have Thick Skin

So here I am. It’s 5:45 PM and I’m waiting for a battery to charge for a quick Easter video while I’m uploading an earlier video to YouTube. In other words, there isn’t anything else I need to do so I’m going to write down a few thoughts.

I was reading through some e-mails from today and I am really encouraged by all that God is doing in my life. YMX is going great. Things at home are great. I am very excited for Kristen and what she is doing on her blog this week. Things at church are “killer.” That’s our word lately… everything is “killer.”

Then there were a couple of annoying moments to my day. Several weeks ago I noticed on the church websites statistics that we had a large number of incoming links from a site I had never heard of. (Not going to name it!) To my surprise I discovered that there were over 40 comments about the baptism video I made a year ago. The video was made in about 30 minutes and was really intended to be funny. Well, these people didn’t get the joke. They thought that the video actually represented what we thought about baptism! (That we laughed about it.) So, I broke one of my rules and commented back. That was three weeks ago and I only had gotten one response.

Until today. In my inbox was a glowing, polite, and engaging response from someone who disagreed with my view of baptism yet was respectful of our position. (Honestly, believer baptism is pretty darn normative in evangelical circles!) So, at his request I went back and commented again… breaking my “let a sleeping dog lie” rule. Within 15 minutes someone else took out her ugly stick and went off on my position. Gone was the nice, “Hey… why don’t you tell us a little about the differences between your position and our position on baptism.” This response basically called my position heresy!

So, I’ll just leave that sleeping dog lie. I can’t believe I got baited into that trap.

In other news, we’re about 99% prepared for the weekend services. I am very happy with how the Good Friday and Easter services turned out. (Been working on them about 5 weeks.) I will under promise how I feel about it… I think it will be good. Working on my under promise and over deliver!

Today we filmed the last couple of elements and I could not be happier with how they turned out. As you would expect, we have very full plans, but I feel like everything we are doing is very relevant and anyone who comes will be pleased with what we’ve been able to put together. God is doing some amazing things here in Romeo… I can’t wait for the next 6-9 months!

With, batteries are charged, file uploaded and I’m ready to finish my day.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.

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