Ron Jeremy on Christian Music

ron jeremyI’m a big fan of Craig Gross and the ministry of (The #1 porn site for Christians, by the way) Which means I’m not a huge fan of Ron Jeremy. (Old school porn star) One of the craziest things going on today is that and Ron Jeremy are traveling the country together to hold, what they call, The Porn Debate on college and university campuses.

This video is self-explanatory. Ron & Craig were in the car together and they were talking about music. Listen in on this discussion between them about Christian music and worship music. Then watch what happens when Craig and Ron talk about going to a Christian concert together.

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  1. […] husband Adam posted an interesting video on his blog this morning. His post is called Ron Jeremy on Christian Music. (How is that for a teaser? If you don’t know, Ron Jeremy is a Jewish “old school porn […]

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    That’s funny right there…

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