The Pulitzer for Editorial Writing Goes To….

PulitzerI was checking out the press release for this year’s Pulitzer Prize. You know, just to make sure I didn’t win anything.

As I scanned through the winners I saw that one category didn’t have a winner, editorial writing. Check it out for yourself. It reads, “no award.”

First I thought it was ironic because with blogs and websites all over the place editorial writing is probably more quantitatively available today than at any other time in human history.  Then I thought it was appropriate because with 250,000,000 editorial writers/bloggers out there I couldn’t say that any of them is the best.

Now I’m wondering why no one was awarded a prize in that category? Because if no one else wants it, I’ll take it. I haven’t won a big award since I was awarded “Student of the Year” at 6th grade graduation and I think I’m due.  





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  1. Romeo friend Avatar
    Romeo friend

    Yes, Adam, I agree, you are due…next time I see you, you will get a gold star on your forehead and a good pat on the back. Seriously, your writing makes me laugh, ponder and sometimes even get angry, so yes, you deserve THE PRIZE!

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