Catching up on The Office

The OfficeRecently I had the time to sit down and watch all of the episodes of The Office, Season 1. It’s a cool show but not the best show on TV. People talk about it as if it were as good as Cheers or The Cosby Show or other classic NBC hit sitcoms. It isn’t any of those things. While I will continue to catch up, it’s not that great.

Perhaps I’m ruined because I saw the British version of this show first? About two years ago I checked out the original The Office season one from the Romeo Library and laughed my butt off.  In U.S. terms it would be rated R… so if you check it out be warned. And as I watched the U.S. version is like the quirky, not-so-funny and squeaky clean cousin to the real thing.

Steve Carrel is funny. He’s very high on my list of comedians… but not nearly as funny as Ricky Gervais





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  1. mike Avatar

    personally, I don’t think the first season is the best. So, don’t judge the show by the first season. If you notice, most of those episodes are “exactly” similar to the British version, and it doesn’t translate so well into a US version. Just my opinion, as I was hooked after the “alliance” episode (still makes me laugh every time)

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