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  • Take it like a man

    Last night I watched an hour-long interview with Jesse James. (West Coast Choppers, ex-husband to Sandra Bullock) Pier Morgan, who conducted the interview, did his best to find an excuse that Jesse could latch onto as to why he had behaved the way he had. Was it because your father beat you? Were you lonely […]

  • The Man Who Punk’d the World

    Embedded video from CNN Video It’s becoming increasingly clear that this family punk’d the world. In fact, it looks as if the man who scripted the whole incident, less the involvement of the child, sold his story to Gawker. What isn’t clear is why they tried to play it this way. OK, so you pulled […]

  • Alone in the Wild

    Last night I watched a fascinating documentary on the National Geographic Channel called, “Alone in the Wild.” It was difficult to watch. Here was this outdoorsmen named Ed Wardle. He wanted to test himself to see… can I live completely independent of others and survive in the Yukon wilderness? He intended to make it 90 […]

  • Unreal Soccer Skills

  • Ben Stiller at the Oscars

    There weren’t many memorable moments, but Ben mocking Joaquin Phoenix’s Letterman appearance was classic.

  • So Long American Idol Season 8

    I watched most of the American Idol audition shows this year. I love the auditions! And I gave Hollywood Week a shot… and it was fun. But after last nights show, I’m out. I’ll come back in a few weeks when the quality of musicians starts to shine through. It’s one thing to have the […]

  • All about The Price is Right

    Here’s a random list of things I learned about my trip to The Price is Right. #1 It’s so clear that I’ve found a new tribe of people in the San Diego Tweet-up. Had a lot of fun and useful conversations who think about things I think about. #2 If you ever go to be […]

  • The Price is Right

    Today I am fulfilling a major dream. Well, I’m attempting to fulfill a dream by going to a taping of The Price is Right in Burbank, CA. I’m a total geek but I am super excited about seeing the show taping as well as seeing, live and in person… Drew Carey! I’ll let you know […]

  • Hot Like Me!

    Just a little reminder of why we want Fall TV to launch.

  • Catching up on The Office

    Recently I had the time to sit down and watch all of the episodes of The Office, Season 1. It’s a cool show but not the best show on TV. People talk about it as if it were as good as Cheers or The Cosby Show or other classic NBC hit sitcoms. It isn’t any […]