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  • The highlight of the Oscars

    If you missed the Oscars last night, this is the can’t miss moment of the night. Kristen and I watched this film… great story. (A little too much music for me) But the song is incredible. HT to Kristen and First Showing

  • We are brothers

    Kristen and I have been walking around the house singing this song. It’s not only a classic American Idol moment it is a great moment in American television history. “Simon, you are a great human being. You give everyone a chance to talk to the world. You are my glory, Simon!” Good stuff there. The…

  • Children of the 80s Unite, part 2

    This one is the commercials we all grew up on.

  • The Turkey Drop

    It’s really not thanksgiving without a little reference to WKRP in Cincinnati, is it? Here’s the classic skit. For those who are too young to remember this show, it was great! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. From our family to yours. Enjoy the pumpkin pie, football games, and of course time with the family.

  • Commercial Profiles

    Kristen and I have a new game we play while watching TV. It’s called, "Profile the viewer" and we try to determine the profile of the people who watch that show based on the commercials that are shown. The thought is, if marketers think there is a demographic of a show… they’ll target their commercials…

  • Jade Dragon Gift Distribution

    I finally found a dream job for Dave Luke. This is perfect.

  • The Amazing Race is Back!

    Kristen and I aren’t really following any one television program, in fact we haven’t followed much for a long time. But we do follow The Amazing Race. We were very happy to catch the first episode of the new season last night. My early money is on the hippy guy couple.

  • Super Bowl Ads

    Yesterday was a pretty lame Super Bowl for the family. We stayed home and Paul was asleep by the end of the first quarter. Megan watched Disney in the other room all night… and Kristen pretended to watch here and there. But, the important stuff for me were the commercials. I was really hopeful that…

  • Super Bowl Ads

    With the big game right here in Detroit just days away, it’s time for me to preview all the commecials over at because I am too impatient to wait. I mean, it’s not Christmas or anything… go ahead, cheat.

  • Wife Swap

    Every few weeks we catch Wife Swap on TV. Despite a really wild name, the show is actually quite tame. The simple premise is that they take the wife and put her in an opposite experience and visa versa. Everytime I watch it, I think what type of family would ABC put Kristen with?