The Man Who Punk’d the World

It’s becoming increasingly clear that this family punk’d the world.
In fact, it looks as if the man who scripted the whole incident, less the involvement of the child, sold his story to Gawker.

What isn’t clear is why they tried to play it this way. OK, so you pulled a fast one with the world’s media? Awesome! Why not use the spotlight to look into the camera and say to Wolf Blitzer, “You just got punked!

Sure, he’d be opening himself up to a big bill from the agencies who wasted taxpayer money playing pawn-like roles in his publicity stunt.
But, if he got the last laugh on CNN and then told Wolf that he had a place where people could chip-in to cover his impending legal problems– all of this would have been funny, he would have collected a million dollars, and the Heene family would have pulled something off which would have made Ashton Kutcher blush.

In that moment Richard Heene’s held choice in his hands which would change his family forever. Would he tell the truth and become a legendary prankster? Or would he lie and become a legendary mook?

Richard Heene chose to try to keep the hoax a secret. Even after 6 year old Falcon Heene spilled the beans on live TV. And now the family looks horrible. And now the parents may get arrested. And now the fame they so eagerly wanted will be replaced by visits by the Child Protective Services.

The hoax had the potential to live out an example of Seth Godin’s blog post from the same day. Instead, we’re stuck with this sad story of 3 little kids who may now see their family encounter hard times.

I just wish Richard Heene had chosen the other option.
Now that would have been captivating television. “Wolf, the truth is that you… and the whole world… just got punked!


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  1. Nick Arnold Avatar

    Yeah, this whole media/police/social services backlash makes me feel so sorry for the kids.

    On a lighter note: Imagine if it were a youth pastor’s idea, “Hi sir, uhm yeah, you’re kid is in a hot air balloon we created at the retreat!”

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