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  • Fixing College Football

    Mark Cuban is admirable for trying to fix college football. Let’s start with this: It’s broken. 2010 is case in point. In mid-January Oregon will play Auburn in a game labeled “the BCS championship game.” But, if TCU wins the Rose Bowl they deserve to be co-national champions, too. We’ll simply never know who is […]

  • Economy of Words

    Good communicators are aware of an economy of words. Whether its blogging or public speaking or preaching– you must have a constant awareness of how many words your audience is capable of processing in the amount of space/time you have. Too many words and people get overloaded and tune you out. (or navigate to another […]

  • How to Stop Being Boring

    Most people are boring. Thirteen years ago, in our first apartment, Kristen and I lived on the 15th floor of a high rise apartment building. If you looked at just the right spot you could see Lake Michigan. And if you hung your head out the window you could look south down LaSalle Boulevard towards […]

  • Little Guitar Hero

    Two thoughts. It doesn’t surprise me that much that North Korea has television. But someone actually got something up on YouTube? That’s a miracle. Maybe I’m just mean-spirited. But makes me think Michael Jackson would have asked this kid to visit the ranch.

  • Google TV: Who is it good for?

    Hmm… bringing all the video you can find on Google, which isn’t already on Hulu or YouTube or Netflix? Sounds like Google TV was made for the porn industry. Dear Lord, let this thing come with a very strong filter for the sake of our children. (And college students) What am I missing? What’s worth […]

  • The Man Who Punk’d the World

    Embedded video from CNN Video It’s becoming increasingly clear that this family punk’d the world. In fact, it looks as if the man who scripted the whole incident, less the involvement of the child, sold his story to Gawker. What isn’t clear is why they tried to play it this way. OK, so you pulled […]

  • Alone in the Wild

    Last night I watched a fascinating documentary on the National Geographic Channel called, “Alone in the Wild.” It was difficult to watch. Here was this outdoorsmen named Ed Wardle. He wanted to test himself to see… can I live completely independent of others and survive in the Yukon wilderness? He intended to make it 90 […]

  • Comedy and the Human Condition

    Last night I was watching a PBS piece of the history of comedy on television in our country. While the documentary itself wasn’t all that interesting or funny there was a cultural parallel there which caught my attention. In times of peace, comedy is introspective and makes fun of the human condition. In times of […]

  • Open Letter to the NCAA

    Dear NCAA, Congratulations on another year of controversy! Congrats to Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators. They are the BCS Champions but not the National Champions. This year we clearly don’t have a National Champion because your system is broken. Congrats to USC. Congrats to Texas. Congrats to Utah. Congrats to Florida. Each legitimately claim […]

  • Ode to the Remote

    Around the McLane house we have a unique ability to lose the remote. I always blame it on the kids, yet half the time it’s my fault. I’ll get up to go to the kitchen or head to bed and I think it stays in my hands. But I’m convinced that sometimes the remote is […]