Google TV: Who is it good for?

Hmm… bringing all the video you can find on Google, which isn’t already on Hulu or YouTube or Netflix? Sounds like Google TV was made for the porn industry.

Dear Lord, let this thing come with a very strong filter for the sake of our children. (And college students)

What am I missing? What’s worth watching that isn’t already able to be streamed to my TV via a device?





3 responses to “Google TV: Who is it good for?”

  1. Adam Lehman Avatar


    google video does a decent job of filtering out porn stuffs if the filters are turned on.

    but i don’t have kids, so i don’t see the same stuff when I look at tech like this.

  2. Stuart Avatar

    I like how this ad make us seem like complete morons who can’t find shows on tv. I’m am confused how to work this thing… thank God there’s Google tv!

  3. Chris Schaffner Avatar

    Thanks for this post Adam. I’ve had the same concerns.

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