Striving for Perfection…


I am one of those people that wants everything I do to be perfect. And I know a lot of people are like me and set lofty goals for themselves. In fact, at the core of a lot of my “problems” is a desire for everything I do to be “perfect.” Even though I spiritualize it and say I strive for excellence, there is a microthin line between excellence and perfection.

That’s why I was intruiged when I read a post from Ray Pritchard warning about what you strive for. 

Here’s his list: Signs for recognizing when striving is bad. 

1. When our personal agenda consumes us morning, noon and night.

2. When we get angry if our plans are questioned or criticized.

3. When we interrupt others to talk about what interests us.

4. When we try to manipulate circumstances to get our desired result.

5. When we are nervous and fretful about things we can’t control.

6. When we use sarcasm to keep others from questioning our views.

7. When we get angry over little things that normally wouldn’t bother us.

8. When it has to be “our way or the highway.”

9. When we justify unkindness because, after all, we’re serving the Lord and his work comes first.

10. When we can’t relax, can’t let go, can’t rest, can’t laugh, and can’t enjoy life because we have taken ourselves too seriously.

A read a bunch of those and went… “oops.” How about you?





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