Favorite Things: This American Life

I love Ira Glass and his show, This American Life. The love affair goes back to early marriage days when Kristen and I would play “right or left” in the car Saturday mornings. Back in 1998-1999 gas was less than a dollar per gallon and I was off every Saturday morning.

We’d get up early, head out for a nice breakfast, then get in the car and start driving. Any time we’d come to an intersection I’d ask Kristen… “Right or left?” Sometimes we’d end up way up in Wisconsin, sometimes in Central Illinois, sometimes in Michigan or Indiana, or sometimes we’d just explore suburbs of Chicago. Anything that interested us was an excuse to stop and smell the roses. Those adventures in our early marriage were some of the happiest days of our lives.

And Ira Glass was a part of those rides. We love listening to NPR and right around lunch This American Life would capture our attention as we explored. When we left Chicago in 2001 we kind of lost track of the show. Then about a year ago I found out that the show was the #1 podcast on iTunes and happily subscribed.

I love the pace of the stories. I love the segments. I love the way he tells stories. I love his voice. All of This American Life is why I happily label it one of my favorite things.

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4 responses to “Favorite Things: This American Life”

  1. Amy Avatar

    I haven’t been married very long, and “Right or Left” sounds like a wonderful idea! Too bad, with gas prices being what they are, that it’s probably too expensive now.

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Amy, it’s worth the gas. Do it before you’ve got kids. Because then it’ll change to “Right or Left of McDonald’s?”

  3. SOG knives…

    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?…

  4. […] stress of sharing the car with Kristen, and give me a chance to catch up on unlimited episodes of This American Life… it also provides me with the fun observations that add to the tapestry of bizarre I enjoy so […]

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