Is Oprah Dangerous?

Those who know me, know that I’ve long warned my friends that Oprah is not just a talk show host, that she is a person presenting a religious philosophy to millions of people.

So, I’m posting this video for discussion. I know she is the most powerful woman in media. I know millions of people adore every word she says. And I know she does “good things” like The Big Give and the school in South Africa.

I’m not the only one asking, “Is Oprah starting a Cult?” FoxNews asked the same thing. Cult watchdog, Rick Ross, is asking the same thing.

I look forward to your response. (BTW, the political junk at the end… yuck, that almost made this video not get posted!)

By the way, all throughout Exodus God says call me jealous. Here’s an example.

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By Adam McLane

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  1. Oprah is more than a cult..thats what is so scary!
    People buy books because recommends them, people vote for others because she endorses them, people scream with her because she encourages them….does Jim Jones ring any bells? How far can you ask people to go before you cross the line? I think she is getting pretty close. I am personally AFRAID of the woman!

  2. Here’s the comment I put at Bryan’s blog about his post…

    Killer post. I think you about nail how I feel. Obviously, this woman cannot destroy Christianity since it is based on truth and truth cannot be destroyed no matter how much James Dobson says it can.

    I do think she is dangerous in that she can lead Christians away from biblical truth and into something that is clearly cult-like. (Self-help stuff is very tied to Hinduism, etc) I don’t think that she’s an awful person… in fact I think she is just really arrogant to think that she can start her own religion which ultimately glorifies self above God.

    I’d love to hear her answer to some of the questions of the Westminster confession of faith… what is the chief end of man? What is mans spiritual state? Where does forgiveness come from?

    Excellent thoughts!

  3. It’s really not that different from what she’s been doing all along; it’s just easier to label now. So maybe it’s a good thing?

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