What if? Dream with me.

I had this thought while wondering around Wal*Mart and a grocery store tonight. It’s a fairly simple thought but I think it’s fascinating.

What if the privacy that we all hold so near and dear evaporated?

What if we all woke up tomorrow and everyone in the world could find out what was in your bank account? What the doctor told you at your last appointment? What if your driving record wasn’t private? What if you knew what everyone made at your work or gave at your church? What if everyone could see the websites you’ve looked at?

What if everyone had access to all of that information? What would the world be like?

Think about our economy. It’s largely built on fear and secrets. Start wiping away layers of each and the world becomes a very, very different place. Doesn’t it?






3 responses to “What if? Dream with me.”

  1. Barb Avatar

    Sounds like a ‘Twilight Zone’ episode to me.

  2. Dave Luke Avatar

    what do you mean what if? clearly this is already happening… people are getting more and more access to stuff everyday. and the government have access to all our stuff.. this goes way deeper than the common people think

  3. Dennis Avatar

    Google is taking over the world, you know. It would be a great TV episode or movie.

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