Turf Wars & Eye Openers

turf warThe last 24 hours has been interesting. These are the two operative phrases from various arenas of my life right now. 


  • Turf wars. If you haven’t read Patrick Lencioni’s book you really should. It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do… this will help you move forward. In a lot of areas of my life my new role (work, personally, geographically, politically, etc.) is creeping on a lot of people’s turf. 
  • Eye openers. I’ve gotten some interesting feedback about things I’ve done, said, or written of late. One lesson I’ve learned about being a leader: When you are cutting new ground you will find resistance. It seems I’ve cut some new ground! Truth in all its forms is provocative. What’s interesting about negative feedback is that it rarely argues the logic or words that are said… why is that? I think it reveals something about the heart condition of the one giving feedback.
Got turf war issues? Opening people’s eyes causing trouble in your world? 






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