Who am I voting for?

This November I will vote. Unlike a lot of Christians who are claiming they have no one to vote for in the general election, I will step into the ballot booth and cast my vote for a presidential candidate. That’s a lock.

The bigger question is simple, who will Adam vote for? 

And I’ve made my decision. Neither candidate exemplifies my values. So I am only half kidding when I say this. I will vote for George W. Bush in November. That dude bought my vote fair and square. And while he’s not been popular… he has done precisely what I voted for him to do… secure a conservative Supreme Court for the next 20 years. But seriously, he sent me $1200 this summer and I think I’ll be writing his name in. 






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  1. Kim Avatar

    I am right there with you. As for choosing a candidate this fall I am at a loss. I honestly have considered sitting this election out because I don’t want to be responsible for either candidate winning.

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    This is essentially what I’ve been saying since February 2007. Evangelicals will be split by age in 08. Younger ones are more concerned about social issues and will go for Obama. Older ones will stay with the republican ticket even though they d…

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