Saturday Tunes

Today is a travel day. So you know I’m listening to music. That is, I’m listening to music if my fellow passengers don’t try to talk to me for 4 hours. That happened on Thursday morning, it was fine but I really wanted to put on my headphones and sleep!

I get to Detroit about 8:30 PM and will go to stay with Kristen’s parents. From there it’s all about getting the car packed up for the drive.

So, here are the next 10 tunes I’m listening to this morning as I pack up the hotel room. As always, these are completely random and my ratings are included.

#1 Roxanne by The Police *****

#2 Famous One by Chris Tomlin ****

#3 What Do We Know by Thousand Foot Krutch ****

#4 The Warrior by Patty Smith ****

#5 Thief in the Night by Leeland ****

#6 Boom by P.O.D. ****

#7 Let’s Dance to the Joy Division by The Wombats *****

#8 Casualties by Addison Road ****

#9 Afterall by Jason Harwell ****

#10 New York by Cat Power *****


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