Don’t play horse with this kid

This brings back some memories. When we took students to Chicago for a mission trip with ICI, we had endless gym time to practice all sorts of trick shots. Something tells me this guy was unstoppable at horse.

Now I just need a video with extreme carpetball shots and we’d be all set.

Since we’re talking high school and we’re talking basketball.
Check out these variations on basketball. I grew up playing most of these “in the slums of Granger, Indiana.” OK, it was the rich suburbs… but hyperbole is just too much fun.

Twenty-one: all vs all, first to 21 wins. (I could write a book on local variations of 21. The game is different all over the country!)
Make-it-take-it: team game, score a basket and your team keeps the rock.
King of the court: multi-team game, your team wins a game to 10 and you keep playing.
Knockout: all-vs.all, start at the free throw line and try to knock out the person in front of you.



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  1. Gman Avatar

    Wow .. I didn’t know too many people knew what carpetball was. We had tournaments @ camp!

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