Father’s Day Recap

Had a great day yesterday. I don’t think it was just because it was Father’s Day. But yesterday gets a gold star.

I woke up, literally, to a scavenger hunt yesterday. Saturday afternoon, Paul and Megan put together a complex set of Father’s Day cards which lead me all over the house. They were super excited to see me discover all of the cards. The highlight for me was a contraption Megan mad in which I cut a string and a bucket fell on my head. As we do each Sunday, before church we made a run to get donuts.

From there we met my cousin Trent and his family at church. We hadn’t seen them since 2003. Since then we had Paul and they added three more girls. It made for a gaggle of kids both at church and for the day to come.

After church we made a pitstop at Rubios for lunch then headed down to La Jolla Cove. It was packed down there and for good reason. The water was crystal clear, the waves were non-existent, fish were ample, and a blast was had. Kristen and I wrangled the older kids near the shore. Their oldest daughter was on a mission to collect shells. It was a bit sad in that La Jolla Cove is not known for it’s shell collection… but she still managed to find a bunch of ones.

We stayed down at the beach until about 5 o’clock and then started heading towards dinner. Marissa suggested (nice word for it. :)) that we go to Phoung Trang in Clairemont Mesa. She swore this was the best Vietnamese food in San Diego… and you know Kristen and I can’t turn down that challenge. Our group grew a little more to about 15 people. This was just a stellar finish to a long, fun day. Great food, great time, all of the kids were happy, on and on.

I hope this is a great kick-off to another great week.

What did you do for Father’s Day?





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