What’s Next for Tiger Woods


The inevitable happened on Sunday. Tiger is officially over-the-hill. The once invincible has been defeated by the South Korean. There’s a new sheriff in town and Tiger Woods needs a job.

So, when Tiger runs out of money I have a few jobs I think Tiger might be good at in his later years.

1. A caddy: He’s pretty good at reading greens. And he seems to have a decent sense of humor. And with 14 majors under his belt I think he’d be pretty good on the bag for one of the younger guys on tour.

2. A repo man: You know, Mr. Woods is a bit mouthy. And if he swings a baseball bat half as well as he swings a golf club I think he may be able to be pretty good at the repo biz.

3. A real estate agent: Tiger is a heck of a sales person. I mean, he helped convince tons of rich people to buy ocean front property in the deserts of Dubai. Something tells me he could sell a condo to couples looking to retire in Boca.

4. A golf pro: Tiger has gotten more lessons and practice time than anyone else in human history. He’s probably be good teaching people how to play the game of his youth.

5. A politician: One of Tiger’s most endearing qualities has always been that in the face of victory he reminds those he defeated that it could have been worse. This is useful for a U.S. Senator or governor. I think he’d be good at getting nothing done at the cost of tax payer money.

So, with condolences to Tiger for a great career. I hope these 5 ideas give him some hope that it’s going to be OK.

Alright, everyone back to talk about how Tiger can break out of this slump.





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