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  • The Best Investment Advice I’ve Ever Received

    The Best Investment Advice I’ve Ever Received

    One of the hardest things about investing your money is deciding who to listen to for advice. There’s a myriad of financial advice-givers out there, both paid and free, and fueled by the internet it’s really easy to find them all.

  • Exit Strategy

    Over the weekend it was announced that the Huffington Post was selling to AOL for $315 million. The press release will reassure fans that the change in ownership won’t change the core of the business. But it will. The only party who really believes that nothing will change is AOL. From now on a line […]

  • What’s Next for Tiger Woods

    The inevitable happened on Sunday. Tiger is officially over-the-hill. The once invincible has been defeated by the South Korean. There’s a new sheriff in town and Tiger Woods needs a job. So, when Tiger runs out of money I have a few jobs I think Tiger might be good at in his later years. 1. […]