Al Franken on Medical Bankruptcy

Check out this sarcastic line of questions from Senator Al Franken. I love it that he sets her up to look so stupid. At the end of the day the health insurance industry is perfectly fine with the uninsured going bankrupt. Remember, it is not the poor or the rich who are struggling with health care. It is the middle majority. Millions of families like you and me. This rookie senator is fighting for your family.

Senator Franken is refering to the Dartmouth longitudinal study which reveals that 33% of medical procedures performed in the United States are either completely unnecessary or detrimental to the patients health. This includes treating and curing cancers in which the best course of treatment for the patient involves not treating the cancer as it will never harm the patient.

You can download the study right here:
[download id=”5″]

You can learn more about the health care crisis in America and why reform is so necessary that even the hospitals, doctors, drug companies, and health insurance companies agree that reform is needed by listening to episodes 391 & 392 of This American Life.

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4 responses to “Al Franken on Medical Bankruptcy”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    I almost wish that I was from Minnesota right now 🙂 But behind all that, you know that he probably has a sweet staff to dig deep and uncover all those stats for him.

  2. Andy Sahl Avatar
    Andy Sahl

    All senators have (smart) staff members, Al Franken is being a remarkably effective communicator and obviously doing his homework.

    I too wish I could claim Al Franken as the Senator from my home state,

  3. Norma Newell Avatar
    Norma Newell

    I knew at age 12 to change out of opera going formal evening attire before going anywhere the next day. Putting a little shell underneath it does not it cut it. Maybe she wasn’t going to have time to change before going to the opera that evening. This fraud need to go back to South Africa or where ever she came from. Thanks Mr Franken

  4. Sporty Avatar

    You can if you select a real candidate to run against these corporate-republicans in the democratic primany election in 2010 and 2012..

    We have been asleep when it came to investigating the democrats we have been voting for and Emanuel and other republican policy democrats have been recruiting , funding and supporting with the democrat political funds to elect them on the democratic ticket..

    When are these democratic organizations like, going to start helping us find a real democrat to run against the hybrids calling themselves democrats we now have in office…

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