6 What Ifs for My Friends in Ministry


  1. What if the model we do church is wrong?
  2. What if the way the Bible describes the church in Acts and the pastoral epistles is really the way Jesus expects the church to be run?
  3. What if it isn’t about programs?
  4. What if it isn’t about buildings?
  5. What if it isn’t about drawing a paycheck or taking an offering or trying to grow your church?
  6. What if what the Bible says… is literally true?

Does that change you?





7 responses to “6 What Ifs for My Friends in Ministry”

  1. Ken Leslie Avatar
    Ken Leslie

    Dang. Way to screw up my Monday, Adam!

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Sorry Ken. This is what I was thinking about yesterday. They are just thought questions. 🙂

  3. Gman Avatar

    1. Seems we already know that.

    2. Sure does seem to be.

    3. It shouldn’t be about programs but programs can be tools can they not?

    4. Same with buildings – otherwise we would of heard Paul complaining about all the synagogues and meeting spaces, right? Focus shouldn’t be the building but used as a tool.

    5. Depends what you mean drawing a “Paycheck” I don’t think we should try to grow “OUR” Church but the Kingdom and God’s church. The worker is worth his hire, right?

    6. Define “literally?” There are some passages that were not meant to be taken literal. I don’t think the focus needs to be on Buildings, bodies, nor budgets but on Jesus.

  4. Adam Lehman Avatar

    a response to @gman.

    1. agreed.

    2. agreed.

    3. of course programs are tools. but ask people who are a part of the church what their activities are centered around…. it’s programs….

    4. the last thing a church needs is a building. all a building does is suck down resources that could be used SO much more wisely. A lot of churches successfully meet in schools, gyms, coffee shops, bars and homes. Those churches save so much freaking money that it is ridiculous.

    5.sometimes hiring people at our churches actually seems to handicap others in the church. we “oursource” our calling to professionals…. I think we need to be SUPER careful and thoughtful with what positions we hire and what positions we allow lay-people to fulfill…

    6. agreed.

  5. Sharptooth Barney Avatar
    Sharptooth Barney

    Adam, my pastor and I have been praying over these very same things.

  6. adam mclane Avatar

    These are the questions on my mind. Obviously, I have opinions as to the answer.

    I wonder if #1 is even on the table? Are we willing to even talk about it?

  7. Lizzy Avatar

    LOVED this….
    have thought… rethought… and thought some more on these very questions…
    and would say that if #1 isn’t on the table it needs to be.
    Somewhere along the way we (and yup I am in the we *sigh*) got a little to us focused and “what do you think if we did this…” and “wow we will be the next “(fill in the blank church)” if we do this….” … and we became about being a ministry model instead of being about the work and art of authentic ministry (and yes if we are honest and real all of us are guilty at a time or another of doing this… even when we work hard not to… because there is a drive and a push from some where always to be better… even if it is “to win souls”)

    2. yes…. why not…. why can’t it be??? lil uneasy feeling in the pit of the tumtum on that thought… as it requires some adjusting and radical shifts…

    3. it can’t be about programs… I’m programed out… and so is our communities… their lives are about programs… they seek community and relationships… not a program…

    4. buildings are over rated… yeah you can build a sweet building… and you can pay it off in amazing ways… and that is awesome.. and GREAT things can happen in that building. BUT i have also seen amazing ministry happening in a reconditioned wearhouse, old barn, and the bar down the street…. it is not the building— but what is taking place inside… people need to get past the “but we could do so much more, and reach so many more people if only we had….” and be about being the hands and feet of the one who called them forth. Because it is but a space and in a blink of an eye it can all be gone!

    5. it isn’t!

    6. it is….

    okay so yeah.. that is my $.02 …but I’ve been known to get change back after giving it… so yup….

    be blessed and thanks for sharing!

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