John Piper on the Radical Results of Being a World Changer

Dang. Pastor John should spike his Bible at the end of this. I needed to hear this today. I pray you do as well. Let’s reject the ways of this world and go another, more impossible direction.

Who’s in?

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  1. Mike Harding Avatar
    Mike Harding

    thanks bro that is good stuff… i needed it today!

  2. Peter Marin Avatar
    Peter Marin

    I watched the video. Isn’t the ‘fellowship of His suffering’ directly tied to each person’s calling? I believe it is. You don’t send a Paul of Taursus when you really need a Philip. Unique callings began when no one else but the Master, Lord, King of Kings, Eternal Son of God wrapped in flesh Son of Man was called to die for the sins of the world. I see the essence of each-person’s calling as a deeply personal revelation for each follower of Him. It’s more than a rally-cry challenge in the marketplace of ideas, but a hidden, secret process of individual laying down your life, picking up your cross (planted, btw, in your deepest heart’s desire) and following Him from that point of spiritual circumcism. Not every disciple was privy to the Kingdom events back in the day when He walked the Earth. This message has its challenges (like a dare), as it seems to promote socialized-suffering as it’s main goal via the loss of any American ‘good-life’ expectation and practice. The retorical questions of ‘Where Are?’ was a very strong, positive and great launching point into the realm of calling. That’s where Adam started with His journey as a sinner. I would ask of the speaker to go and find out where are those people are that he mentioned so as to build-up a viable connection with them and from their starting point (the other person’s perspective) begin to walk them through this personal process without waivering not placing an ‘either-or’ mandate that makes failures of those who struggle. This radical one-on-one is called discipleship, not sacrificing those who seek ‘the next step’ with a mentor just to be excluded because the mentor has a take-it-or-you’re-wrong mindset. Jesus never bloodied His own sheep. He sheparded them right where they were at both during His 3 1/2 years as well as after His ressurrection (by the fish-breakfast fellowship). It’s at the End-of-Days where we separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares, not before. Sorry, but the end of the speaker’s message sent a chilling effect of disapproval, disappointment and discouragement to me. I’d encourage him to keep working on developing relationships.

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