Let’s not talk about 2009 too much, ok?

Let's never speak of 2009 again

It’s not been an easy year. There have been some highlights… but a lot of lowlights. I can’t think of a period of time with more tears than 2009. I know I’m looking forward to a fresh start in 2010. Anyone with me?





3 responses to “Let’s not talk about 2009 too much, ok?”

  1. Ben Avatar

    I’m with you 100%. Especially the last half of 2009. Wouldn’t trade it for anything as those tears have ultimately led to maturity and self-awareness, which will come in handy in 2010.

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    Despite being laid off for 7 months I think that 2009 was a really great year for me. However, I am really looking forward to 2010.

  3. REYouthPastor Avatar

    DUDE I got SAVED in 2009! You needs to chill bro!

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