A Pastor Who Gets It

There’s a tiny amount of cynicism when you hang out with church leaders. We have a hard job and it comes out in funny ways.

That guy just doesn’t get it.

There are lots of conversations where church leaders don’t get it. Talk to any associate level pastoral staff member, church secretary, maintenance person, van driver, or ministry volunteer and you’ll hear it. “My pastor doesn’t get it.

And, in all fairness, the job is too big to “get everything.” You simply have to chose what to “get” and what to “punt” on.

In my world when a pastor doesn’t get it— that usually means that the suck at all things computer related.

How these people got through seminary I’ll never know! But I’ve met too many pastors who can’t use Microsoft Office or manage their email or find stuff using Google.

And when it comes to social media– some pastors get it but most don’t. Facebook, Twitter, blogging, live broadcasts online… they glaze over as I talk about these things!

And yet over and over again, when I meet with pastors, they tell me “I want to get it.

This is precisely why I contacted Doug and Tony over at JoPa productions and asked them to bring Pastors’ Social Media Bootcamp to San Diego next week.

Pastors want to get it. Let’s make sure they get the training they need to get it.





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  1. M/I Promotions Avatar

    Wow. I am not alone. When you find a group of pastors who do “get it”, can you have them call my office? Thank you. lol

    Terrell L

    M/I Promotions
    Promoting the Ministry of Industry

    edited out about 5 links. 🙂 — adam

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