The power of story

I’m spending the next week on the road for work, capturing stories from youth workers in their context.

Here’s Ryan’s story.

I first heard about Ryan’s story last year. We met for lunch and than later at NYWC. I love that his story is just like real life, full of ups and downs. Full of moments of questioning and assurances.

His story is pretty much the way God rolls. When I spent time with Ryan and Ashley last week I couldn’t help but think… “God has them right where He needs them.”

In God’s wisdom, He likes it when his people are completely dependent on Him.





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  1. Shawn M. Shoup Avatar

    Awesome editing, Adam. I know you spend “some” time on this. Looks great!

    And, Ryan, thanx for being so open and honest about your life and where God has you. Great stuff… it inspired me.

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