RSS Fixed

Thanks to Andrea and a few others who mentioned to me that my RSS was messed up on my blog.

It took a little messing around but I found the problem. Yes, it was tied to the hack that occurred earlier in May.

Literally, three characters in a line of code. Story of my life!

If you’d like to subscribe to my blog via RSS please click here.

I also heard that some users may have problems leaving a comment. (Something about creating an account at Yahoo! Trust me, I’m a Google guy, I’d never make you do that.)

If you are on a Windows computer or a Mac Firefox user, please press F5 to clear the cache on your computer/browser for this site. If that doesn’t clear it up, please send me an email at so I can help.





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  1. Andrea D Avatar
    Andrea D

    working like a charm – had 10 posts in my reader this morning 🙂

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