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Yesterday officially kicked off my summer vacation. For the first time since I was 24 I’ll only have two weeks of vacation this year, one of which I’ll use for my July trip to Haiti, so I have to make the most of this one.

My intention is to disconnect as much as possible. (More on that later)

Last night, Kristen and I went to Barnes & Noble to load up on some books for our trip.

Here’s my reading list:

Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson

I am not sure how it is that I lived to be 34 years old without reading the greatest pirate novel of all time. But I have and I am looking forward to diving into this one. If vacations are about mentally and physically escaping from your day-to-day life… I’m thinking this book can take me there.

If not, then at least I can check it off my list of books I should have read in high school but didn’t because I was reading other stuff.

Presence, Arthur Miller

The only other things I’ve read by Arthur Miller were back in high school, Death of a Salesman and The Crucible.

Something tells me that Miller is a master storyteller, and a collection of short stories seems like a winner. And the endorsements on the back used a lot of fancy words.

Broke USA, Gary Rivlin

My first and only experience with this game came when I was 23. Hard up for cash and too proud to ask a friend for a few hundred bucks to make it to the next paycheck, I went down to a payday loan place and wrote a check for $400 to borrow $300 for two weeks. Before I walked out of there I realized I’d stepped into a world I didn’t understand. 400% interest… yeah, not cool. It was a lesson learned.

When the review copy of this book showed up last month, I snagged it and thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about how people take advantage of the economically disadvantaged.

Born Standing Up, Steve Martin

When I think of Steve Martin I think of movies like Three Amigos and Father of the Bride. I’m not quite old enough to remember him from The Jerk or Saturday Night Live. Yet, I still have a fascination with his work. He manages to walk the tightrope between hilariously funny and believable drama.

I first heard about this book when he made the late-night talk show circuit promoting it. I’ve wanted to read it since than but it never quite climbed into my wishlist. So when I saw it on the bargain rack for $5, I grabbed it.


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  1. Shannon Avatar

    I truly hope you plan on posting reviews of these books after reading. I think you’ll enjoy Treasure Island. I know I did. I haven’t ever read anything by Aurthor Miller. Broke USA looks like an interesting read. Let me know if you reccommend.

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