Lovely the hunter

Lovely stalking, originally uploaded by mclanea.

This is our cat, Lovely. There is some disagreement on how we keep cats. We allow our cats to be both indoors and outdoors.

Lovely is about 3.5 years old. We got her back in 2007 from an ad in the paper. Her brother got lost along the way, sadly.

Here in California she has thrived. She hunts birds of all varieties, lizards, snakes, mice, rats, and lots and lots of bugs.

She’s also very active in the neighborhood cat community. Some of the cats play together and some just spend countless hours defending their territory. Lovely does a little bit of both.

I’m not a huge cat person. But I do love her function in our family. She is cuddly and nice to Megan and eats all the critters I’m afraid of.






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