The 5K challenge

My first run, walk, crawl, gasp, and drag

Part of me is thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” And the other part of me is thinking, “What have I been waiting for?

In the spirit of good natured competition, Kristen and I have challenged one another to a 5K run, walk, crawl, bite, fight, or drag. She has a good excuse for needing the challenge… she just had a baby by C-section. (She ran a half marathon last May.) My excuse? I’m fat, sedentary, and have begun to closely resemble a carne asada burrito. Riding my bike a few times per week just isn’t having the effect I need it to so it was time to up the ante.

Starting yesterday– the challenge is on. We’ve both begun training and smack talk. (OK, I cheated. I started training last week.)

The wager

We don’t quite have the wager figured out just yet. Just like we don’t quite have the race picked out. But we do know that we are wagering something fun and we’re open to suggestions.

If I were a better man. I’d bet on me.

But if I were looking for the smart bet. My money would be on Kristen.

Get involved?

Sure, we will take any encouragement. If you are on Nike + you can be my friend. (mclanea) I don’t plan on broadcasting my training on Facebook, Twitter, or even writing about it much. So if you’re interested in this journey… find me on Nike +.

Bonus: If you’re in ministry and you’re interested in getting started, I’ve found the #RunRevRun blog pretty encouraging.





4 responses to “The 5K challenge”

  1. Adam Avatar

    You can do this man. I have found running to be therapeutic…after the initial few weeks of pain…it is a great time for clearing my head. I would already be running this year but the weather in Ohio hasn’t been runner friendly…so I toil on the elliptical and dread mill. You can do this…and what’s more, you can enjoy this!

  2. Becky Avatar

    Woo hoo! I started training for a 5K using Couch to 5K. I cannot even begin to imagine myself running a race without stopping, but every time I get out there and do another day of training, it gets a little more possible.

    Good luck to both of you!

  3. A Drive-By Toga Avatar
    A Drive-By Toga

    Good on ya, mate!

    I’ve run two 5k’s so far this year, with my third coming up this Saturday. The key is to find what “fits” you. If it is running with others—find a group. What to listen to (if anything) on your ipod. Running on a treadmill, or asphalt or trails.

    You may find (with a little search) local parks you never knew existed with running trails. Get in some hills—if you can run hills, you can run anything.

    And start slow! The general rule is you should be able to talk when you run. If you can hear your breath, or unable to talk….SLOW DOWN! No one jumps up and runs a marathon after being sedentary, regardless of their junior high track record! *grin*

  4. Dave Luke Avatar

    sorry i got stuck at carne asada burrito..

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