Own your inner geek

I love this video. I’ve seen it dozens of times as I’ve considered using it for YouTube You Can Use. In may ways it is perfect because of the high amazement factor. But the video is just too much of a stretch to tie into a discussion guide about God.

Here’s what I think about when I watch this video.

  • First, notice this young man isn’t wearing a wedding ring. If he busted out these moves on a date you can see why he might have a hard time finding a spouse.
  • Second, this is truly amazing. While some of it looks improvised clearly there is a lot of work and practice to it.
  • Third, we all have our own geek inside of us. For this gentleman it is making his fingers dance. For others it is science fiction comic books. And for others it is…

Whatever you geek out on– own it






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  1. Jim Avatar

    I wonder if that’s what God looked like when the world was being created. 🙂

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