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Meeting Nikole Lim and learning about her organization, Freely in Hope, was one of my highlights of 2011.

We all know that storytelling is a powerful medium for moving people to action. Nikole’s eye for this is exhibited beautifully in her short film, While Women Weep. The film threads together the stories of several African women who became exploited sexually and later enslaved by hopelessness before finding new freedom and hope through Christ.

As I watched the film I was overcome by three things.

  1. This film is beautiful in every way.
  2. This would be amazing to watch with a small group or with people who are looking for a cause to rally behind.
  3. Nikole needs to tell more stories.

So please buy her film to support her continued work through Freely in Hope & as an encouragement to this young artist to keep going!

In related news, Sevenly is featuring Freely in Hope this week with a special t-shirt.

From now until January 1, your $22 purchase helps to protect women from sexual abuse in Kenya. With your support, Freely in Hope can uplift women out of poverty and decrease the vulnerabilities of sexual abuse. Your support will give protection & education to young women, helping them attain jobs and a better living.

Go here to buy a t-shirt

So if you’re looking to end 2011 with a little conspicuous consumption that can make a big difference– here’s my challenge. 

Go buy the DVD, pick up the t-shirt, and tell your friends that you’re going to host a party to boycott the BCS Championship game farce by hosting a Freely in Hope party at your house.

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.


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