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  • One Year In

    One Year In

    It’s been a year since I’ve got involved in working with asylum seekers at the border. Remember the migrant caravan? That was a year ago.  And I think we need a reset. Let’s get back to the basic question of, “Why are people coming here to seek asylum?”  Here’s where I want to start. The…

  • Bono on Capitalism

    Bono on Capitalism

    Capitalism is not immoral, but it is amoral. It gets its instructions from us. It’s an indiscriminate engine, and our obligation is to see that it provides forward movement to everyone, not just to those whose hands are on the levers of the machine. Bono (source) I think people get falsely infatuated with tax designation,…

  • Invoking the P Word

    Invoking the P Word

    So let’s just call this thing what it is. Christian persecution. Right here in the good ‘ole USA. Right here in the Lone Star State. It’s happening all over the world. We just aren’t used to dealing with it in our own backyards. But the tide has turned. I have no doubt it is only…

  • Guest Post at the 30 Hour Famine blog

    Guest Post at the 30 Hour Famine blog

    Check out my latest guest post on the 30 Hour Famine blog, Putting It All Together for the Kingdom. It’s pretty cool if you think about it. For me, it’s a great reminder that we’re not serving the little kingdoms of individual organizations, we’re serving the Kingdom of God. Read the rest

  • Liberty and Justice for All

    Liberty and Justice for All

    The past few weeks have been full of horror and hope for me. There have been moments where I could do nothing but turn off the news. And there have been moments where I watched the news unfold, mesmerized to do little more than watch and pray. Where is justice? The Horrors In an effort…

  • Eyes to See, Nose to Smell Everyday Injustice

    Eyes to See, Nose to Smell Everyday Injustice

    4:05 AM. I flung my hotel door open, bleary-eyed but determined to be on my way home. Exhale. I stepped out of the frigid air of my room and into the predawn Dominican humidity. Inhale. It’s still hot. It’s August in the Caribbean. It’s kind of always hot. But I also smell something familiar for the…

  • We are Israel, We are Russia, We are Mexico

    We are Israel, We are Russia, We are Mexico

    Her day starts long before daybreak. She rolls off a mattress onto a clammy cement floor, hoping to step silently towards the light peaking between the doorframe to get outside. She pulls on the door but it’s jammed a little. Finally, with a thud, it opens. In a breath she looks back to the mattress to…

  • Childhood Lost – Stay Up All Night

    Childhood Lost – Stay Up All Night

    I’m thankful for Childhood Lost.

  • Everyday Protests

    Some people in border states are posting videos to YouTube of their protests of alleged illegal border patrol stops. Do these forms of protest make a difference?

  • Preparing My Heart for Cambodia

    Today is the last day I’m hijacking Adam’s blog. I hope you’ll join me in learning more about Cambodia, it’s history, and the work that is being done today.