Childhood Lost – Stay Up All Night

I’m thankful for Childhood Lost.

When I’ve taught on social justice and human trafficking in the past it always felt like I was leaving students hanging. There just wasn’t anything practical to do… right now.

Childhood Lost gives you something you can do to raise awareness & money to help a specific, highly vulnerable, group of kids in Bangladesh.

Originally, Childhood Lost offered a version for youth groups. But last week World Vision released a college and young adult version, as well.

So if you have people in your ministry who are looking to get involved in raising awareness on issues of human trafficking and child protection, I highly recommend checking it out. (You could certainly adapt this to work within your family or school group, as well.)






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  1. Stephanie Snyder Staker Avatar

    Thank you, Adam, for this beautiful and touching poem/video. I am passing this on to those who are involved in youth ministry with prayer.

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