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Preparing My Heart for Cambodia

Today is the last day I’m hijacking Adam’s blog. I hope you’ll join me in learning more about Cambodia, it’s history, and the work that is being done today.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.37.45 AMAs part of my preparation for Cambodia, I’ve been getting my hands on books and soaking up stories to better understand the history and culture. Prior to going on this trip I didn’t know much about Cambodia. I’d heard of the infamous killing fields, but didn’t grasp how recently in history the genocide began. (1975)

Reading the stories reminded me of walking through the Auschwitz concentration camp during a summer internship in Poland. The camp was much smaller than what I’d expected in comparison to the horrors I’d grown up learning about. It was almost incomprehensible. But then a moment I’ll never forget– viewing a huge glass display case of shoes. Thousands upon thousands of shoes reminded me that such a small place could bring such horror.

Going into this trip, one thing I know for certain is that only God can rescue, restore and bring hope in the face of injustice.

I pray that God will teach me and use with Steps of Justice in Cambodia this summer. Thanks again for sticking around and to Adam, for lending me his support. A special thanks to those of you who have sponsored a mile. If you haven’t done so yet, please consider it by filling out the form below.

I’ll leave you with one final video. If you aren’t familiar with Half the Sky, this video is a great introduction to their work and the types of things I hope to learn about in Cambodia. 

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By Adam McLane

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