Category: Social Action

  • Why I’m Going to Cambodia

    Hello again! I’m back to share more about Cambodia. But first, a HUGE thank you to those who sponsored a mile yesterday. I’m grateful for your support. Just over $800 has been raised and there are still opportunities available. Miles 1-5 are looking a little lonely…

  • The Steps of Justice Blog Takeover

    Good morning! Let’s start this day off with a little blog takeover, shall we? I hope Adam doesn’t mind… I’ve just come back from a brisk early morning run. I’m not normally comfortable being the center of attention, but while I’m still running high on endorphins, I’ve got a favor to ask. You see, I’ve…

  • First World Problems

    Well played, Water is Life. Well played indeed.

  • 10 Things I’m Looking Forward to about My Trip to Zimbabwe

    In the lead-up to my trip to Zimbabwe this week, here are 10 things I’m excited about.

  • Context and Perspective on the Current Conflict in the Gaza Strip: An Interview with Jon Huckins

    Adam McLane interviews Global Immersion Project co-founder and author Jon Huckins about the current conflict in Gaza.

  • 3 Mini-Rants for a Wednesday

    Sometimes we just need a rant. Adam kicks off this Wednesday with something he’s calling, “3 Mini-Rants.” Topics include: Pre-Black Friday Shopping, Who pays taxes, and the definition of church leadership. Ready to mix it up? Join the fun!

  • Why is there a sex shop in my neighborhood?

    (Romantix, an adult bookstore, is the purple marker. The red markers are nearby schools)  Why is there a sex shop in my neighborhood? I don’t about your neighborhood. But in my neighborhood we have enough problems to deal without having an adult bookstore just a few blocks from 4 schools and within a mile of…

  • When your civil resistance makes them think

    Civil resistance – alongside the term nonviolent resistance, is used to describe political action that relies on the use of non-violent methods by civil groups to challenge a particular power, force, policy or regime. Civil resistance operates through appeals to the adversary, pressure and coercion: it can involve systematic attempts to undermine the adversary’s sources of power. Forms…

  • McLane Creative Celebrates its 25th Loan

    At McLane Creative I make a simple promise: You invest in us and we invest in someone else.  For every new client I take on I make a small loan to help a woman with her business around the world. This morning I made our 25th loan, helping a newly married woman in Mozambique buy more…

  • Teenagers and the law

    Yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court included some important nuances on the legal understanding of teenagers, their standing in our country, and how the courts view their decision-making abilities. Whether you work with teenagers or have one at home– I’ve done my best to synthesize this nuance in both the argument and the opinion of…