The Steps of Justice Blog Takeover

photo-5Good morning! Let’s start this day off with a little blog takeover, shall we? I hope Adam doesn’t mind…

I’ve just come back from a brisk early morning run. I’m not normally comfortable being the center of attention, but while I’m still running high on endorphins, I’ve got a favor to ask.

You see, I’ve got two significant events coming up in the next six months. The first is that I’m running a half-marathon in April. This will be my third half-marathon, after taking three years “off”. The second is that I’m going to Cambodia with Steps of Justice in August. I need to raise $795 plus airfare. (About $2000 total) So far, I’ve raised just over $500 by selling household clutter on Amazon and Craigslist.

Here’s where the two events intersect and how the favor comes into play. I’m asking you, fair reader of my husband’s blog, to pick a mile to sponsor as I run for Steps of Justice. You get to pick the mile and the level of sponsorship. Pretty easy, right? I’ll even let you suggest a power song for that mile; I’ll take all the motivation I can get.

All donations, after trip expenses are covered, will be given to Steps of Justice. To make a pledge just fill out the form below. I’ll update the list so you can follow along with how this little takeover is going.


Steps of Justice likes to say, “Together we can change the world by doing justice one step at a time.” I can think of nothing more encouraging than running 13.1 miles with you, one step at a time, in anticipation of ‘doing justice’ in Cambodia.

I’m not ready to give up control of Adam’s blog just yet! (Sorry Adam) Stick around because I’ll be back tomorrow to share more about Cambodia. Specifically, why I’m going and what I’ll be doing. Feel free to leave questions or comments; I’d love to know what’s on your mind too.


Sponsor a Mile

  • Every dollar counts!
    I promise these funds will all be used for my trip. Anything left over will be donated to Steps of Justice.






4 responses to “The Steps of Justice Blog Takeover”

  1. beckydurham Avatar

    Yay, Kristen! I’m in.

  2. Hilary Avatar

    You crack me up – but I love it! Count me in, too! 🙂

  3. Linda Avatar

    love it! you’re a genius 🙂

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