Giant slayer

I can’t speak for you. But for me– there are some giants on my radar to slay. 

I could be introspective and talk about the giants I overcome in the inches between my ears. But if I’m honest, there are some very real giants out there for me to slay. Big, ugly, hairy, scary ones who have an addiction to anabolic steroids.

It’s not for everyone

I’ve been on this giant slaying journey for a long time. And I’ve won some pretty good battles. And I’ve met some other slayers along the way.

One thing that’s been a lesson for me is that there are some folks out there that wear giant slayer t-shirts but are just locker room giant slayers. They talk a big game until the giant looks at them.

Those people have romanticized giant slaying. They don’t have the skills for fighting nor the stomach for killing. Worse yet, they are paralyzed by a fear of losing.

They are fans of giant slaying.

To the victor goes the spoils

It’s championship time in college basketball. And during this time a fascinating phenomenon is observed. In a close game the final shot goes up. If it goes in there is pandemonium on one side of the bench. If it doesn’t, the other side goes bizerk.

Have you ever noticed how fast the losing team exits the floor? The winner sticks around and enjoys the moment. But the losing team? They dash for the locker room.

That’s they way it is in real life, too. Winners survive to play another day. And losers go to the locker room and talk about shoulda, coulda, woulda, and next time.






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