Pivot Points

Four years ago, I was minding my own business when Marko called me and asked me to think about moving to San Diego to work with him at Youth Specialties.

It was around Easter, we had a house full of guests, and a list full of projects to manage at the church. (Ironically, our house guests were the family we co-owned YMX with.) Nothing was further from my mind than leaving our ministry in Romeo when Marko called. We had a life we loved, lived in a house we wanted to retire in, loved our neighborhood, our kids school, and the people we ministered alongside.

That phone call was a pivot point in our lives. The opportunity made no sense and perfect sense at the same time. That phone call lead to dozens of hard, honest, open conversations which ultimately lead to us walking away from the life we knew and stepping into a life of unknowns.

I was reflecting on that last night during the Good Friday service. Four years later and its still surreal to sit in a worship service with no responsibilities. It’s surreal to not hang out and talk to people until everyone leaves so you can turn off the lights, lock the doors, and go home. It’s surreal to sit in a service and not know what’s next. (Or care) It’s surreal to sit in a worship service and not have people whisper reminders in my ear. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just surreal.

That’s the thing with life’s pivot points. You remember the life you once lead while you carry on with the new life before you.

Are you listening? Do you have a faithful life posture? Can you discern between the voices in the desert? 






2 responses to “Pivot Points”

  1. shannon Avatar

    What strikes me as funny, is that I was just thinking (and talking) about how different my life is than the one I had planned out.  How I went from all about me and money minded to all about Jesus and ministry minded. (Not forgetting the responsibility God gave me that sleeps down the hall).  I personally believe I live life now day to day waiting for the Spirit of God to move and tell me what to do.  Do I always discern that voice?  Nope.  But when I focus on him, doing what I must, it gets easier.

  2. Marko Avatar

    sure glad you listened.

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