Good News in the Neighborhood curriculum now available!

Early this morning I finished final edits and uploaded the final version of my latest project: Good News in the Neighborhood, a curriculum for groups. (Check out the trailer in the sidebar to the right)

I’m very proud of how it turned out. As I think back to the original brainstorms and ideas for this product I don’t think I could have imagined it’d turn out this cool. Jon and I worked our brains off pushing through this content, finalizing edits and writing content as late as yesterday! The leaders PDF turned out to be 52 pages and about 18,000 words. This thing is beefy!

Here’s the description:

This 6-week series will deep dive your students into the practical realities of a radical life with Jesus. Built around six themes of community life, students will gain an understanding of their role in their community and be challenged by a series of simple experiments they can try. More than a series that teaches your students about being Good News in their community, Good News in the Neighborhood offers practical application based on the life of Jesus and the 1st century Church. Our hope is that your students begin to see how God has called them to become good news in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

Who is it for? It’s for groups. It’ll most naturally fit with high school and young adult groups (college). But I would totally do this with my adult small group. In all honesty, I’d preach this as a sermon series!

Now the really exciting part… people actually using it! 

So that’s my excitement this Monday morning. As Marko just pointed out, my first book!

Do me a huge favor and buy this sucker for your group, your youth pastor, your pastor, or even yourself.  







5 responses to “Good News in the Neighborhood curriculum now available!”

  1. RJ Grunewald Avatar

    Do you have any previews of what an actual lesson looks like?  I like the description, but would love to see an example of what the video stories actually look like?

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      I’m working on that part this week. If you check out the trailer you’ll get a look at about how the videos will go as they were shot in the same style. 

      Essentially, each of the videos is a 3-5 minute fictional story which illustrates the narrative of a student or young adult stepping into this process of becoming good news in their neighborhood. 4 are told by Jon, 2 are told by me. 

  2. Joel Mayward Avatar

    Just downloaded my copy, and pretty excited to utilize this with our community!

  3. Callie Avatar

    I am so excited about this curriculum!  We’re planning to use it this summer with our high schoolers. I showed it to one of my students yesterday, and he said, “This is so cool.  It makes me think that one night instead of coming to youth group, we should do a big cook-out in our church’s neighborhood.” 🙂  It’s a start … can’t wait to see what other ideas it spawns!

    Great job…and thank you!

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      That’s great Callie. Yes, he’s getting the idea. Hopefully the experiments will help him reshape that into something even cooler. 🙂 

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