Good News Stories

Highlighting stories of churches doing good stuff in their communities.

As we round the pandemic’s corner this summer, shifting from hunkering down to opening up, I’d like to highlight Good News in the Neighborhood of the local church here on my blog and on my social channels. Send me your Good News stories to highlight Is your church running a food pantry? Are you connecting…… Continue reading Good News Stories

When Teenagers Are Good News in My Neighborhood, Literally Leaders take people where they would otherwise not go on their own. I’m thankful for these young leaders, agentes de cambio, who are bringing to attention a problem in my neighborhood. I’ve seen this problem and done nothing. If I’m honest, my favorite corner store is probably guilty of exactly what they are talking…… Continue reading When Teenagers Are Good News in My Neighborhood, Literally

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Turn up the love

Like you, I’m shocked at the popularity of Haterade. a figurative drink representing a modality of thought. those who consume it are themselves consumed by the negativity which with they speak. ~ Urban Dictionary Word of the Day, July 26th 2005 It feels like Haterade is on sale all over Facebook and Twitter these days. People…… Continue reading Turn up the love

Beyond Proclaiming Christ

Where We’ve Been In the 1940s Billy Graham became one of Youth for Christ’s first full-time evangelists. In post-World War II America, he took to the airwaves and spoke at rallies around the world. Thousands responded. And, in some ways, modern-day evangelicalism was born. Back then the Bible was taught in schools. It was a…… Continue reading Beyond Proclaiming Christ