Good News in the Neighborhood

Good News Stories

As we round the pandemic’s corner this summer, shifting from hunkering down to opening up, I’d like to highlight Good News in the Neighborhood of the local church here on my blog and on my social channels.

Send me your Good News stories to highlight

Is your church running a food pantry? Are you connecting small groups to shut-ins? Your students going on a mission trip? Have you turned extra space into a drop-in center? Have you partnered up with your town to serve the homeless population?

That’s the good stuff! That’s what people need to know, the church does SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! That’s what I want to highlight.

Whatever it is. If it’s Good News in your Neighborhood, I want to highlight it. Send it to me and I’ll post it here or share it on social media.

What don’t I want?

I love church services. I get it, you do too. But I’m not looking to highlight anything coming from a platform. I’m simply looking to highlight the good stuff churches do in their communities without obligation. Cool?

If in doubt, ask me!

I want to use my social channels to highlight awesome stuff. That’s it!





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