GIVEAWAY: Love is an Orientation DVD by Andrew Marin

What it is…

Love is an Orientation DVD is a video curriculum based on The Marin Foundation’s ground breaking work in the LGBTQ community. The byline is, “Practical ways to build bridges with the Gay Community.” I’ve heard amazing things from adult small groups and church leadership teams who have worked through this content together. Andrew’s ministry and work is truly a revolutionary approach.

Who is Andrew…

I first met Andrew in the lead-up to the 2008 National Youth Workers Convention. He was the guy coming in to talk about the hot-button topic and I was the guy trying to build buzz around the convention. During the 3-city tour we became friends and our friendship continues to grow.

Yup, some people don’t like Andrew. Either they think his approach goes too far or they think it doesn’t go far enough. That’s the tension The Marin Foundation lives in each day. And something in me says that this tension is just about right. (He’s speaking at The Summit on the topic of, Ministry within Theological Tension, see the connection?)

Why I like it…

3 reasons I like this.

  1. I’m in it. Ginny Olson and I teamed up on the youth ministry portions and I love how it turned out.
  2. There’s nothing out there as good. Andrew has presented this content to hundreds of churches, to hundreds of thousands of people, and in a bunch of countries. It’s really, really good stuff.
  3. It breaks the ice. I’ve talked to a few leaders who have used it and they love that it gets people talking about ministering in the gay community in a fresh, hopeful, loving way. Like any good teaching it causes great self-reflection and personal change.

How you can get it…

BUY IT. The more direct way is to head over to The Marin Foundation website and buy it.

WIN IT. Leave a comment of any kind to this post and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the DVD and a participants guide. (Comments close at midnight tonight, winner announced tomorrow.)

WINNER! SarahD92 – You’re the winner! Send me your mailing address and I’ll get it out to you.


27 responses to “GIVEAWAY: Love is an Orientation DVD by Andrew Marin”

  1. Jamie Kier Campbell Avatar

    I’m so thankful for this resource, this ministry. Thanks to people like Andrew who are opening up our eyes to the different ways that we should be loving people and not just saying that we do. The words aren’t coming out the way they are in my head but I’m really grateful for this.

  2. Tquery Avatar


    No, seriously, as a United Methodist clergyperson/youthworker who just watched as another four-year General Conference came and went without any changes to the language in our Book of Discipline defining (homo)sexuality as “incompatible with Christian Teaching,” I feel that Andrew’s work in this area is invaluable as we struggle in our church (and in our big-“C” Church) to live in the tension between “how we’ve always done it” and our “prophetic voice.” 

  3. Shawn Michael Shoup Avatar

    If I don’t win it, I’m buying it! 😀

  4. Thepattywagon Avatar

    I have been to several workshops that Andrew Marin led…our church split over the issue of same sex clergy in a committed relationship in the pulpit and I have a friend who is just coming out to his close friends. That coming out may affect our youth group so this would be an awesome resource to share with them.

  5. Daryl Andrews Avatar

    I had the pleasure of learning from Andrew Marin at the 2008 NYWC in NashVegas! From learning at his seminars, reading his book, and following him via social media, I am becoming…  a better neighbour, wiser pastor, and overall a more consistent Jesus follower.

  6. Tim Avatar

    I’m grateful as one who sees and deals with this issue all the time. Love demands not just truth but sensitivity and relationship as one walks through all aspects of life on this (MOST followers of Christ either wash over it, ignore it, shoot it or remove it).  There IS a better way. Thanks for this resource. 

  7. Jeff Dempsey Avatar

    FREE is good! We are fighting over this like crazy in both my denomination (PCUSA) and state (NC) right now and I have students and parents all over the spectrum. So thankful for the work of the Marin Foundation. This could be a great way to civilize the discussion and bring folks with polarized opinions and actions together in my youth group and church. Had my eye on this since it came out, but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet. -Jeff

  8. Lucas Hillman Avatar

    Wow, this looks great. In our group last week we had a Q&A time and the issue of homosexuality and befriending people came up a few different times. I really look forward to this curriculum, I would love to win, but if not, it’s a definite buy. 

  9. Tim Lillard Avatar

    I definitely need this resource for my youth and college students!

  10. Kara Avatar

    God loves everybody. The church should, too.

  11. Henry Avatar

    very interesting. andrew marin is intriguing.

  12. Jonathan Andrist Avatar
    Jonathan Andrist

    It’d be nice to have a copy for my friends to see.

  13. SarahD92 Avatar

    I’ve been following Andrew Marin’s work for a while and would definitely be interested in seeing what the DVD has to offer.

    1. Adam McLane Avatar

      @SarahD92:disqus Hey Sarah… you won! Send me your mailing address.

  14. Kelly Avatar

    Andrew is exceptional. As a youth leader who works with several students who struggle with their sexuality, his ministry demonstrates that is is okay to just love them and not necessarily have all the answers. Because I love “my girls,” the tension is one I am willing to live in every day. 

  15. Dave Ricketts Avatar
    Dave Ricketts

    Really appreciate Andrew’s perspective and he has helped me have productive discussions with students, adult leaders and church members. One of my students came out this week and this is the resource I keep going back to.

  16. Angelina Avatar

    The church really needs to address these issues. The youth especially need to be informed. If we can properly open up and build them they will be better at dealing with the LGBT community respectfully.

  17. Atkinsda Avatar

    Would love to check this out… see how it may fit into discussions in Grand Rapids…

  18. ChubbyPastor Avatar

    I’m standing with you all in this!

  19. Brian Senecal Avatar

    BE so stoked to win this!!!

  20. Brandan Robertson10 Avatar
    Brandan Robertson10

    ooo! I want it baddddd! 🙂

  21. Youth Workin' It - Stephen Avatar

    I’m going to be leading a small group on this next month, so would love to get a free copy, but I’ll be buying it otherwise anyway

  22. Jake Avatar

    I have a heart for and ministry within the LGBT community of the UK. Andrew and the Marin foundation have been a massive inspiration to me; particularly meeting Andrew last year and talking through the difficulties you face within the Church when trying to communicate your passion for and calling to the LGBT community, as well as the direct opposition you face. I’m really looking forward to getting this DVD and using it in challenging and equip others for this much needed ministry!

  23. Aaron Scott Avatar

    I really want to get my hands on this resource.  I have been “listening” to Marin since I heard him at NYWC a few years ago.  I appreciate the way he handles the issues, and engages the church in a conversation that has been shirked for too many years.  I hope that many more churches find this resource a blessing and begin to figure out ways to open doors into a very difficult issue to deal with.  I only pray that I can listen and be as understanding as Andrew as I encounter those who are in my community and neighborhoods, in ways that will ultimately honor Christ.  

  24. Phillip Boyle Avatar
    Phillip Boyle

    I think this is going to be a very good resource in years to come. God is certainly going to use this ministry for very good things. 😀

  25. Joel Mayward Avatar

    I love awesome free stuff. Marin’s book was a convicting read for me, and particularly compelling because the guy practices what he preaches.

  26. Rachel Blom Avatar

    This is a topic I have absolutely no experience in…but man, I want to learn! So I’d love to win this and if not, I’d definitely consider buying it. It;s a crucial topic for the church and especially for youth ministry in the upcoming years and we’d better come up with a good approach. Thanks for doing this!

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